LMP won the “Outstanding M&A Advisors of 2009 – 2023” award

LMP was honored to receive the award for “Outstanding M&A Advisors of 2009 – 2023” at the M&A Forum 2023. This award further affirms LMP’s continuous efforts to bring value to the overall economic market and the M&A sector in particular.

On November 28, 2023, the M&A Forum Vietnam, an annual event dedicated to business mergers and acquisitions and investment connections, organized by Bao Dau Tu under the guidance and sponsorship of the Ministry of Planning and Investment, marked its 15th anniversary with the theme “Thriving Together.” As part of the forum, the Organizing Committee implemented a voting program to evaluate and honor outstanding M&A consulting firms during the 15-year period (2009 – 2023).

In the increasingly complex M&A market landscape, the role of M&A advisors has become more crucial and urgent. This recognition serves as a powerful motivation for LMP to enhance our capabilities further, contributing to the success of many deals, creating synergy for all participants, and adding value to the economy. This award is not only a testament to our relentless efforts but also a proof of the robust development of the M&A sector in Vietnam.


According to the results announced at the Forum, LMP is honored to be the recipient of the award for “Outstanding M&A Advisors of 2009 – 2023


The award for Outstanding M&A Advisors of 2009 – 2023 is an exceptionally special and meaningful gift for LMP. Although the award’s evaluation covering all transactions over the 15-year period from 2009 to 2023, LMP is honored to receive this award in our 10th year of operation, alongside other leading international and Vietnamese advisory, auditing, and brokerage firms. It not only demonstrates the trust of our clients but also reflects the continuous efforts of the LMP team over the past decade.

We take pride in our philosophy of “One-Stop Solution” – offering comprehensive services from investor search, financial consulting, to legal advice in M&A transactions to ensure seamless and effective dealings for our clients. LMP will continue to strive to deliver the best value and contribute to the development of the M&A sector in Vietnam.

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